Village Hall Committee

Village Hall Committee

The village hall committee is a community of the parish council, it is made up of the following members:

Parish Councillors with voting rights:
Cllr. Alison Brown (Chairman)
Cllr. Dave Gelder
Cllr. Sue Gould
Cllr. Dean James

Non Councillor co-opted members with voting rights:
Rosalie Angell
Kath Hairsine
Lynne Hubbert
Richard Netherton
Tracey Netherton
Sally Wallis
Helen Wardill

Non Councillor co-opted members with non-voting rights:

The committee has a terms of reference, to view a copy click VH Committee Terms of Reference. The document is reviewed annually as part of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council in May.

The committee meet up to six times a year. Agendas and minutes can be viewed on the Committee Meetings Agendas & Minutes page.